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Vespa Beauty is the premier Skincare and Makeup company based in USA, helping you bring out the beauty within.

At Vespa Beauty, we believe in celebrating and embracing individuality, offering you a large variety of quality products.

Mineral, Vegan and Paraben Free Products

Let us pamper you the way you deserve!

Meet Klaudia G. Cotroneo — Founder of Vespa Beauty

Klaudia, originally from Albania, completed her studies at an American based University in Albania, obtaining her masters degree in Business Administration. She has immersed herself into the business industry and gathered 15 years of business knowledge and began a new endeavor as an entrepreneur. Klaudia has utilized her most recent years working with different beauty companies across the world and testing almost every product in the market, so she could complete her beauty collection within Vespa Beauty. Motivated by her drive, passion and always having troubles with her skin, she dedicated her time finding mineral, vegan and paraben free products for a better and healthier skin. On behalf of Vespa Beauty and Klaudia herself, we extend our gratitude to our incredible customers and support team for helping us spreading the word for these amazing products. 

— Vespa Beauty

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